Ravi of Iran Sound

The word ” Ravi ” in Persian culture and language has deep roots and different meanings .

” Ravian “  were messengers who transfer huge heritage of culture , thought and spirit of their nation ideology to future generations . For centuries artists in every nations and folks were transfer emotions  to people in their countries and they are cultural messengers for their compatriots in beyond  borders who interested in hearing gentle and spiritual music   and sounds .

We are small group between numerous of Ravian  who  our goal is transfer music of Iran  to other nations and countries as a member of Persian music. Beyond the clear difference professional works of Ravi group during 20 years , now With Reza Mahdavi , the manager achievements of this musical group are presented after conscious hearing of past maestros’ works , companion with today maestros for learning more about Persian music and attention to musical improvisation as a fact .


Reza Mahdavi

1969  was born in Tehran

1975  Learning music when he was 6 years old . His masters for playing Santurwere Nikbin , Hossein Malek , Roya Halaj , Reza Shafieian , Masoud Shenasa, Parviz Meshkatian and Majid Kiani . The other his masters were Mohammad Ali Baharloo ( Music Form ) Esfandiar Ghareh Baghi and VartanSahakian ( Theory and Solfege ) Mohammad Sadeghi ( Mahmud Karimi’s Vocal radif of Persian classical music ) and Karim Saleh Azimi ( Tehran Raido) .

1982   “ Soil “ ( Khak in Persian ) music group

1987   Sirus Ebrahimzadeh, Abdolhay Shamasi and Ali Reza Khamseh were his Masters in one year actor training for theater

1991   Teaching music in different universities , governmental and private music Schools

1993   The first prize for playing Santur in 8th Fajr International Music Festival

1995-2004  Founder and teacher of Soureh University and Manager of music Group of university

1996   Manager of Azar Kimiya Music School

1996- 2011 Playing Santur and the Ravi group’s concert manager in UK, France, Switzerland, Greece , Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungry , Spain , Turkey , Qatar and …

1997   Playing Santur for music album “ Azar Kimiya “ in memory of Amir Bidarian

1998   Book in title “ Reminding Music and Insight “

1999   Member of Art council for compiling and programming school books , Ministry of Educational and Training

2000   Manager of training group in field of playing Iranian and Western musical Instruments

2002   Member of Iran musical teachers and players

2003-2008  Manager of music center in Hozeh Honari ( Art Center ) Editor of music monthly magazine “ Magham – e Mosighaei “

2005     The first publisher for child music with radif and dastgah of Persian Classical music in title “ Sing Together “

2007-2008  The member of music council , Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance

2009    Councillor of Hozeh Honari’s manager , The manager of musical study and Research part of Culture and Art research center

2010    Manager of music center in Hozeh Honari Manager of “ Ravi Azar Kimiya “ artistic – cultural company Book in title “ Croon “ ( Taranom in Persian )

2011   Editor of seasonal music book “ Magham- e Mosighaei “

2011   Music manager in Islamic Contemporary Arts festival – Vahdat music hall

2012   Music manager in “ Iran Art Festival 1404 “ – Andisheh music hall